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Tynia touches on how to make money as a songwriter and how to make money as a producer by getting TV and Film placements for your songs. She also talks about the difference between how a performing rights organization or performing rights society (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) gets your music royalties versus the synchronization fee.
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Songwriting Royalties: How to Earn Royalties For Your Music From YouTube | Producers & Artists

Tynia Coats breaks down how royalties work (specifically with YouTube) touching on how to make money as a songwriter or how to make money as a producer through YouTube and how a performing rights organization or performing rights society (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) gets your music royalties from YouTube. Think of this as a sort of songwriting 101 (the music business side) or a course of music royalties explained. Tynia Coast formerly worked for BMI, specializing in performing rights, royalty distribution, music publishing, and international relations.

@AscapExperience: In Conversation with Hans Zimmer: From The Lion King to Inception And Back Again


Listen to this riveting conversation between legendary film/TV composer Hans Zimmer and Mitchell Leib, the President of Music & Soundtracks for The Walt Disney Studios, as they take a deep-dive into Han's career and discuss some of the greatest films he's worked on including Inception, Gladiator, Driving Miss Daisy, Days of Thunder and The Lion King. The conversation comes full circle at the end, as Hans discusses what it was like to revisit his beloved Academy Award-winning score for the 2019 live-action version of The Lion King.  

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@AscapExperience : Shaggy's Boombastic Journey - Home Edition 2020

ASCAP Experience Home Edition

Global recording star, DJ, actor, and philanthropist Shaggy is undoubtedly one of reggae music's most influential cultural ambassadors. In the '90s and early '2000s, he brought dancehall to the mainstream with massive hits like "Boombastic", "In the Summertime", "It Wasn't Me", and "Angel". While Shaggy has long embraced opportunities to collaborate with artists from across the genre spectrum (including Sting, on their Grammy-Winning joint album 44/876), he's always stayed true to his passion for the music that made him a household name. In this illuminating session, Shaggy and his manager Martin Kierszenbaum will reveal how this one-of-a-kind music creator got to where he is now, how he's sustained his success and the enduring impact of dancehall. You'll also get the inside scoop on Hot Shot 2020, and updated version of his breakthrough 2000 record Hot Shot dropping just in time for its …

@AscapExperience : Black Music and the Music Business: Using Your Voice for Social and Racial Injustice

ASCAP Experience Home Edition
Listen to this important discussion between rapper T.I, The Recording Academy's Chief of Diversity Valeisha Butterfeild Jones, and Columbia Records' Azim Rashid, as they discuss the debate about urban music and how to use their voices for social justice and racial injustice.

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Publishing Interview Jason Cerf at Songtrust | Wendy Day Interview

Rod Wave Put $100k+ On His Neck and Makes Music Video with Johnny Dang

RodWave and his brother go fully flawless with TWO permanent diamond grillz. They came a long way from Florida after getting their teeth molded by the VIP Team a week prior in Florida. Rodwave spends the weekend at the Houston, TX location with Johnny Dang & his VIP Team. He finds more than just grillz at the store, he tried on various pieces of jewelry and get the rest of his team grillz as well. Johnny Dang & Co Online

How To Skyrocket GROWTH On Spotify In 2020 via Burstimo

Getting Spotify streams can be hard but with these simple tips, you’ll be hitting 10k, 100k, and even 1M streams soon enough. Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, so your music needs to be on there, securing streams, but how? In this video, Maddy shares the secrets to hacking the Spotify algorithm, leading to more followers, more streams, and more fans coming back to stream more! From getting on Spotify’s editorial playlists to getting pre-saves on your next single, Maddy covers everything you need to get your streams into the millions. The best way to release music: How to get on Spotify editorial playlists: ----------------------- THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ----------------------- 💻 WHO ARE WE? We're a music marketing agency, working to ensure artists across the globe can promote their music effectively, securing fans, streams, and followers. Learn how to grow your fanbase with m…

How The Music Industry Will Look In 2021: PREPARE NOW

So 2020 has hit musicians all around the world pretty hard. But what is coming next... Will live streams be staying? Will there be triple the amount of gigs in 2021? And what can YOU do to be ahead of the curve in the current climate?

Nicky Jam On Surviving Street Life, Percocet Addiction, 'El Ganador' Documentary, Engagement + More

Drake - From Florida With Love (Audio)

Music video by Drake performing From Florida With Love (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Emmy Rhymes - LAYEMI