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What happens when you sign a Music Contract? Ep. 1 | Rules to this Sh!t

The biggest players in music sit down and tell us what happens when you sign a Music contract. Too $hort, LV, D Dot, and more tell us about their start in the music industry. It's a vicious business of contracts, lawyers, and big money. It's hard to believe how much power a piece of paper has.


(via Music Business World)
Streaming, driven by Spotify, has propelled U.S. recorded-music industry growth for three years. Spotify in accordance with other leading audio streaming services currently pays money to music rights-holders via a simple "pro-rata" model.  Essentially, this means that the firm pools all of the distributable riches it generates each month then dives up this cash based on the popularity of individual tracks. So, if five Drake songs pull in two percent of all subscriber plays in December, Drake (and other folks who own rights to those five tracks) will get two percent of Spotify's user-paid money. 

Spotify and its rivals should be adopting a "user-centric" payment structure, this means that if you pay $9.99 a month for Spotify Premium and play nothing but Jon Hopkins, the distributable portion of your month (around $6.99 per month) should go to no one but Jon Hopkins - as opposed to being dumped in a big pot of money, before lining Drake&…

Tax Authorities are using Social Media Accounts to Convict People of Tax Fraud

According to Forbes, France has begun to look at people's social media accounts as a way to gauge if they are understanding their incomes.  Red flags are luxury cars and expensive Drip (jewelry). The IRS has been using social media posts in audit cases for a few years now.  Always pay your taxes and remember that what you post can and will be used against you in a court of law. 

How to Walk in Heels via AMIClubwear

This is a little oldie but a goodie, watching this video has helped me learn how to walk in heels in different styles the right way. I hope you ladies enjoy this video.

Top 10 White Florida Rappers 2018 via Florida Rap Basement

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West Tampa Smoke Shop

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There is a way for Digital Distributors to Fund Indie Labels

The specialty music finance company Sound Royalities, LLC enables distributors to provide advances to existing labels. Funding for the advances would be provided thru the Edge Funding Program while the distributor gets a little edge over the competition. Sound Royalties front the cash, the distributor packages the deal, and the label can boost their operations. 
Sound Royalties advances artist, producer, and songwriter royalties paid thru music labels, distributors, publishers, and performing rights organizations like Sound Exchange.
For more on this story, click the link below:
To know more about Sound Royalties, Click Below: Sound Royalties, LLC

My 2 Cents: College/Graduation

I graduate in less than 24 hours! These four years have been a roller coaster ride and I don’t even remember the half of it! The one thing I do remember is constantly wondering how life after college would be. I was so busy thinking about that that I didn’t get to fully enjoy the "college experience."

For the longest time I’ve felt I would never figure out what career path I would end up. Even when I kind of figured it out, I felt that school was getting in the way of my passion. I felt that I wasn’t able to truly focus on my craft and it almost became a burden.

I was nervous about what I was going to do after college. I thought I had to have everything figured out from living situation to a source of income. I realized weeks leading up to this point that, I can literally do whatever my heart desires. I can travel if I want to. I could go back to school if I want to . I could work ANYWHERE in the country or the world if I want to.

I’m fortunate enough to have both parents in…

Streaming Has Made Artists Release More Music Than Ever

While I was browsing thru The Wall Street Journal, I found this article by Journalist Neil Shah reported that the music industry is pumping out more music than ever. Due to the industry's ever-changing landscape, the amount of music released globally is roughly seven times more now than it did in the 1960s. Well Dang, that's quite a jump. He also said this that made brain wheels turn: "Unlike CDs or Downloads, which generate revenue once, streaming a song generates royalties everytime, "Shah says. "That has major labels bidding on catalogs of music and reissuing old music as they battle for market share."
Now, this makes sense and now I understand why artists are releasing music faster than ever. He also focused on hip-hop, noting that tracks from that genre uploaded to SoundCloud rose 30% in January alone compared to 2017. Neilsen recorded that 150,000 albums were sold compared to just 36,000 in 2000 in 2017 which means peoples appetite for music is growing.

What Do You Do After You Finish Recording Your Hot New Single?

Below I'm going to give you the basics on what to do when you finish recording that hot new record. Let's get started!
Well, the most important thing you and the producer/beatmaker need to do before the recording session is over is to fill out a split sheet.  
A split sheet (publishing sheet) is a document that states who wrote what percentage of the song(s) recorded by a band or artist and should be created after every song you write before shopping it to third parties to be published commercially. This helps with royalties.
If you are buying the beat then you need a paper stating this was a work for hire and that you own the beat. Always have receipts for proof.Get your record mixed and master professionally by an engineer or if you can do this on your own, congratulations, you just saved yourself some money. Submit your new record to BMI or Ascap and you have your split to know who gets what percentage, copyright (optional), and don't forget to submit to SoundExchange as w…

20 Pairs Ardell Lash Try-On/Demo feat.

This video was so helpful when it came to picking out lashes from Ardell to see how they fit.

Makeup Service by @KatKoutoure

(photo with effect taken and edited by me)
Hi guys, I'm back! Now that my brows are almost fully healed, I went back to Jazzy Jewels Beauty to get my makeup done by this sweetheart named Katia (one of the makeup artists at Jazzy Jewels Beauty). The makeup room so pretty and it has two stations set up inside with big tall mirrors and comfy chairs.  I've never had my makeup done before and this is something I've always wanted to do but again, I'm picky about people doing stuff to me because I feel they are not going to do what is right for me and I've seen a lot of people cookie-cutter things and do the same thing to everyone.  But knowing that I was going back to Jazzy Jewels and I've already been pleased with the microblade, I did not hesitate to go get my makeup done. Makeup Artist Kat (Click picture to follow Katia on Instagram)
This is Kat, my makeup artist for the day and she is delightful, very nice and friendly and I got good vibes from her the moment we …

Interview: @DJLechero talks with Platinum Producer and Artist @Rvssian

[Platinum Producer Rvssian]
Jamaican producer Rvssian stops by Power 106 in LA and sits with DJ Lechero to talk about his current projects, future collaborations, Vybz Kartel (Free World Boss), King Kosa, and projects with Benjamin Kickz.

Jazzy Jewels Beauty Microblading Service

Oh Lord, I'm so happy, I don't even know where to start! Ok... I am a victim of the 90's eyebrow trend, I had pencil thin eyebrows and I have thin hair so growing them back was out of the question. For years I've been trying different things to help grow my brows back, but I just got stuck drawing my brows for the next 19 years and I can never get them close enough. As years went by, my brows just kept getting thinner and thinner til I literally had just about a line of hair growing...that's it!  My StoryI never had really thick brows growing up but they fit me for what I was born within the trend in the 80's. It wasn't til 2006 I started to learn to apply makeup and use brow pencils to fill in my eyebrows and I got better as the years went by but I was nervous giving myself the full ombre eyebrows that are trending right now. As you can see, I always played it safe drawing on my eyebrows and even tho I used good products to make them stay all day, by night …

How to Get Verified on Social Platforms

Boy, this CheckMark is like crack ain't it? The psychological value of a blue checkmark gives you legitimacy and as an official page. 

The badge is an authentication tool to help fans or industry people such as labels, press, or booking agents find your profile. Did you know that some sites allow deeper analytics to your profile once verified? This is essential to help with understanding your audience and demographics to help with marketing and booking tours. Twitter, for example, give you account analytics regarding followers and post engagement, Facebook gives you access to Facebook Mentions (which is an app for public figures), Shazam and Spotify give you powerful insights on listening data which is crucial for musicians routing tours, and Pandora has AMPcast, a way for artists to reach targeted markets while on the road and it also allows you to run free marketing campaigns once your verified.

How to do it... There are some people that got the plug or know people that got sho…

What is BuzzAngle?

Buzz Angle Music collects daily data from the major physical sales retailers, digital sales retailers, and digital streaming service providers within the USA and Canada.

Check out the benefits of BuzzAngle music charts here

Music needs trackable data!!!
BuzzAngle Music 2017 Year-End U.S Reports

For full report, click here

WiLD Splash 2018 on March 3rd at Coachman Park

The hottest anual spring break party is back at coachman park in clearwater March 3rd, and the line up is so hot that in just 16 days tickets are officially sold out online.

Youtube is the first ISNI registration agency in the music space

ISNI will help with "it's this person and not the person"...
YouTube has now become a registration agency for ISNi - a unique identifier that is the IOS certified global standard number to identify millions of contributors to creative works and those that are active in their distribution, that to be assigned to all creators including performers and songwriters that will help to reconcile data and ensure attribution.
Youtube is the first ISNI registration agency in the music space and will share ISNIs to the label and publishing partners in order to promote the adoption of this standard in the music industry as a whole. So you might be asking yourself "what does this mean?".  Here's an explanation from a staff member from YouTube.
“James Stewart, you say? Which one, there are at least 14 on YouTube!” says FX Nuttall, technical program manager at YouTube. “By adopting ISNI, artists, songwriters, and other creators will be unambiguously identified, enabling bett…