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How to Get Verified on Social Platforms

Boy, this CheckMark is like crack ain't it? The psychological value of a blue checkmark gives you legitimacy and as an official page. 

The badge is an authentication tool to help fans or industry people such as labels, press, or booking agents find your profile. Did you know that some sites allow deeper analytics to your profile once verified? This is essential to help with understanding your audience and demographics to help with marketing and booking tours. Twitter, for example, give you account analytics regarding followers and post engagement, Facebook gives you access to Facebook Mentions (which is an app for public figures), Shazam and Spotify give you powerful insights on listening data which is crucial for musicians routing tours, and Pandora has AMPcast, a way for artists to reach targeted markets while on the road and it also allows you to run free marketing campaigns once your verified.

How to do it...

There are some people that got the plug or know people that got shortcuts to get verified and if you got the bank for it cuz I know ain't nobody gonna do that for free, then choose that outlet, but if you want to try out for yourself, then check out the links below.

Genius: The lyric site allows you to upload and interpret lyrics of your songs and Spotify sources some of there lyrics. Get Verified Here

Shazam Connect: Verification is open to all artists who have registered their music on Shazam but if you have less than 1,000 followers, your profile may not appear during their verification process. It may be quicker if your Twitter-verified as well. Get Verified Here

Spotify: To get verified on Spotify, you need to get access to Spotify artists. Once they confirm who you are and give you access, your all set. You no longer need to have 250 followers to qualify.

Facebook: Facebook has 2 verification badges, the Blue badge is for pages of Public Figures, Media Company, or Brand. The Gray badge is for Business or Organization profiles.  Get Verified Here  or find a plug for this task.

Pandora: If your music is already on Pandora, you can sign in to your artist account here.

Twitter: Find a plug for this task.

YouTube: There are 2 types of verification on YouTube:

  • Partner Verification: Unlocks additional features like monetization, copyright control, longer videos, and customized branding, and you can verify as a YouTube partner by phone number.
  • Name Verification: You can request a verification badge but it doesn't unlock any additional features. Learn More Here
Instagram: Find a plug for this task.

Snapchat: Basically you don't get a badge but a cool emoji next to your name and you have to get at least 50,000 views per snap. Once you reach this view count, contact Snapchat or find a plug for this task.

Well, now that you what each of these platforms requires getting verified, hopefully, you succeed or hire the right person that has the plugs to get this done for you.


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