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Makeup Service by @KatKoutoure

(photo with effect taken and edited by me)

Hi guys, I'm back! Now that my brows are almost fully healed, I went back to Jazzy Jewels Beauty to get my makeup done by this sweetheart named Katia (one of the makeup artists at Jazzy Jewels Beauty). The makeup room so pretty and it has two stations set up inside with big tall mirrors and comfy chairs.  I've never had my makeup done before and this is something I've always wanted to do but again, I'm picky about people doing stuff to me because I feel they are not going to do what is right for me and I've seen a lot of people cookie-cutter things and do the same thing to everyone.  But knowing that I was going back to Jazzy Jewels and I've already been pleased with the microblade, I did not hesitate to go get my makeup done.
Makeup Artist Kat
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This is Kat, my makeup artist for the day and she is delightful, very nice and friendly and I got good vibes from her the moment we both said hi to each other.  Can I just say she has really pretty natural eyebrows, and she is Latina! Yes, she is Latina and so am I, and that made me super happy to see my Latino people doing big things.  We chit-chat for a little bit but we didn't waste any time getting to work, she had her table ready to go and everything was organized and clean.  There were a couple products I saw and knew about, I did research on and I do know a little bit about makeup, but I am not a professional. I just the basic when I go out but not this time honey, I was ready to look Glam.

The Process

Before I came, I had already washed my face and applied my Seabuckthorn Oil to my face for my rosacea and to hydrate my really dry skin.  The first step is to prime my face with prime and she used Smashbox photo finish foundation primer.  Next Kat did my eyebrows and the brush was wet, it felt a little weird but she explained to me that wetting the brush with setting spray helps to make the product last longer.  She sculpted my eyebrows and made them super crisp and clean, I wish they would have stayed like that forever. 

 Next, she started doing my eyes and primed them really well. I noticed 2 brands that she used for my eyeshadow look, the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, and the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette . I really like the Jaclyn Palette because it has more colors to work with and its something I been looking into for a while, now that I've seen it in person and I saw how good the colors applied on my lid, I think i will make that buy.
Starting with the eyes first make it easier to clean any fall out from the eyeshadows and not having to worry about messing up the foundation applied to the face, so why not wait till after doing the eyebrows? 

Now on to the foundation and she covered up my rosacea really good and with a brush instead of a sponge because I learned from Kat that the sponge makes the application sheer instead and that I should use stick foundation instead of liquid because the stick is better for dry skin.  Kat was very informative about the products and the techniques she uses and I learned so much from her, see, I told you she's a sweetheart. Last but not least, my eyelashes, I'm not used to wearing lashes because I wear contacts and I feel I'm going to get something in my eye, but she applied them on easy and it really helps with a finished look. Another thing I like about Kat is that shes gentle and heavy-handed.
Thank you, Kat, for this amazing experience, I had so much fun and I learned a lot from you and this gave me the motivation to up my game for my everyday makeup.  Book Kat for your makeup needs especially for weddings, for any special event you got coming up or if you are just plain lazy don't want to do this (if I had the money, id probably have this done to me every day).

To watch all this action, watch the video below:

Book thru Facebook at Kat Koutoure

Jazzy Jewels Beauty
8370 W Hillsborough Ave
Tampa, FL
Book your appointment and tell them Gizzy (@ThatEarCandy) sent you.


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