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Streaming Has Made Artists Release More Music Than Ever

While I was browsing thru The Wall Street Journal, I found this article by Journalist Neil Shah reported that the music industry is pumping out more music than ever. Due to the industry's ever-changing landscape, the amount of music released globally is roughly seven times more now than it did in the 1960s. Well Dang, that's quite a jump. He also said this that made brain wheels turn: "Unlike CDs or Downloads, which generate revenue once, streaming a song generates royalties everytime, "Shah says. "That has major labels bidding on catalogs of music and reissuing old music as they battle for market share."
Now, this makes sense and now I understand why artists are releasing music faster than ever. He also focused on hip-hop, noting that tracks from that genre uploaded to SoundCloud rose 30% in January alone compared to 2017. Neilsen recorded that 150,000 albums were sold compared to just 36,000 in 2000 in 2017 which means peoples appetite for music is growing.

What Do You Do After You Finish Recording Your Hot New Single?

Below I'm going to give you the basics on what to do when you finish recording that hot new record. Let's get started!
Well, the most important thing you and the producer/beatmaker need to do before the recording session is over is to fill out a split sheet.  
A split sheet (publishing sheet) is a document that states who wrote what percentage of the song(s) recorded by a band or artist and should be created after every song you write before shopping it to third parties to be published commercially. This helps with royalties.
If you are buying the beat then you need a paper stating this was a work for hire and that you own the beat. Always have receipts for proof.Get your record mixed and master professionally by an engineer or if you can do this on your own, congratulations, you just saved yourself some money. Submit your new record to BMI or Ascap and you have your split to know who gets what percentage, copyright (optional), and don't forget to submit to SoundExchange as w…