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There is a way for Digital Distributors to Fund Indie Labels

The specialty music finance company Sound Royalities, LLC enables distributors to provide advances to existing labels. Funding for the advances would be provided thru the Edge Funding Program while the distributor gets a little edge over the competition. Sound Royalties front the cash, the distributor packages the deal, and the label can boost their operations. 
Sound Royalties advances artist, producer, and songwriter royalties paid thru music labels, distributors, publishers, and performing rights organizations like Sound Exchange.
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To know more about Sound Royalties, Click Below: Sound Royalties, LLC

My 2 Cents: College/Graduation

I graduate in less than 24 hours! These four years have been a roller coaster ride and I don’t even remember the half of it! The one thing I do remember is constantly wondering how life after college would be. I was so busy thinking about that that I didn’t get to fully enjoy the "college experience."

For the longest time I’ve felt I would never figure out what career path I would end up. Even when I kind of figured it out, I felt that school was getting in the way of my passion. I felt that I wasn’t able to truly focus on my craft and it almost became a burden.

I was nervous about what I was going to do after college. I thought I had to have everything figured out from living situation to a source of income. I realized weeks leading up to this point that, I can literally do whatever my heart desires. I can travel if I want to. I could go back to school if I want to . I could work ANYWHERE in the country or the world if I want to.

I’m fortunate enough to have both parents in…