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How To Skyrocket GROWTH On Spotify In 2020 via Burstimo

Getting Spotify streams can be hard but with these simple tips, you’ll be hitting 10k, 100k, and even 1M streams soon enough. Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, so your music needs to be on there, securing streams, but how? In this video, Maddy shares the secrets to hacking the Spotify algorithm, leading to more followers, more streams, and more fans coming back to stream more! From getting on Spotify’s editorial playlists to getting pre-saves on your next single, Maddy covers everything you need to get your streams into the millions. The best way to release music: How to get on Spotify editorial playlists: ----------------------- THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ----------------------- 💻 WHO ARE WE? We're a music marketing agency, working to ensure artists across the globe can promote their music effectively, securing fans, streams, and followers. Learn how to grow your fanbase with modern marketing techniques used daily for artists at all levels in their careers. Whether you're just about to release your debut song or you're a charting major label artist, our tips ensure every artist can get their music the exposure it deserves. 📲 FOLLOW US: Instagram: @Burstimo Twitter: @BurstimoMusic Facebook: @Burstimo 📚 OUR BLOG: 🎙️ OUR PODCAST:

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